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Video Production Trends That You Should Be Aware Of

Video production is a broad definition which involves a number of processes such as taping, editing and distributing the finish product itself. Videos can be used for various purposes, both commercially and personally. While some people use it for personal purposes such as personal amusement or advertising a product on a small scale basis, videos are mainly made with a sole motive of promoting a certain product or person. With regards to commercial use, it can be an advertisement, a film or a music video.

Meanwhile, one of the most important factors that contribute to creating a great video is the technology being used. The technology being used in video production these days is constantly changing. With this, the quality of the videos is also getting better over time. Here are some of the current video trends that you should not ignore as you might be using them in creating your own videos:

Filming with a DSLR Camera

Using a DSLR camera for filming can provide an unexpected freedom that can be fun and exciting for any seasoned videographer. Although they are cheaper compared to a professional-level camcorder, DSLRs are also capable of creating a professional-looking video. But one of the advantages of using a DSLR for video is that you can pull it out of the box right away and begin shooting. However, you might need extra accessories to get the most out of your video with a DSLR. Today, the use of DSLR is quickly becoming a new standard because it is cost-effective and very versatile.

Shooting with a DSLR utilizes still photo cameras as well as their large image sensors. Such sensors are larger than most video cameras. When coupled with the flexibility of the large image sensor, the DSLR can shoot video in full 1080 HD.

Green Screen Technology

Using green screen technology in your video production is not only cost-effective it is also a great way to come up with a visually appealing video. Although this technique is not really new, green screen technology is a technique that is widely used in the films that we see today. The scenes look very realistic with its background but in fact, they were simply computer-generated and shot in a green screen studio.

Green screen, also called chroma-key involves merging two images together. After removing the background color of your first image, the second image behind it can then serve as your final backdrop. This provides boundless possibilities as the backdrop can be virtually anything.

New Camera Formats

One of the constantly-changing technologies in video production is the camera format. Every now and then, there is a new camera format that is being introduced and many of these are gradually being supported directly by edit system manufacturers. Several cameras these days offer the ability to record in formats that can be used directly in edit systems. With such advancement, you do not have to go through a lengthy transcode process unlike before.

However, this also poses a number of challenges such as storing the material. With these new formats, careful data management is also required in order to keep the media safe. As hard drives are vulnerable to damage, it is recommended that at least you kept three copies on separate drives to protect against loss.

Utilizing the above-mentioned technologies can be helpful in coming up with your own video production. While this kind of art requires mastery and experience to create one that you have envisioned of, you can also ask assistance from a number of video production companies which are still growing these days.

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