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Advantages of Using a DSLR Camera in Video Production

With the introduction of DSLR, it specifically changed the game of film production. DSLR (digital single lens reflex) has become an essential part of many videographers' camera kits these days. Using a DSLR camera enables you to create a professional-looking video at a cheaper cost than the average professional-level camcorder. DSLR camera has the combination of size and the ability to manage a film camera-like depth of field. Even with a low budget, using DSLR camera in video production allows you to reach the entire world with your unique message. Here are some of the advantages of using a DSLR in video production:

Bigger Image Sensor

DSLR cameras are able to take amazing video because of their massive image sensor as compared to a regular video camera. This produces clearer images with less distortion and noise. Sensors, like films in the old model cameras, are sensitive to light. Once you pressed the shutter, it records an image digitally.

There are also a variety of image sensor sizes in DSLR cameras. The larger the sensors, it yield higher quality images but at a greater expense. Today, sensors are available in two types: the CCD (Charged-Couple Device) and CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor). CCD, which is used in almost all point and shoot cameras and in some digital SLR cameras can produce high quality images. However, they tend to be more costly and consume more power than other types.

Meanwhile, a CMOS sensor is larger than a CCD sensor. Thus, they are more sensitive and able to produce images higher in quality as compared to CCD sensors. CMOS are also less costly to manufacture and use less power than CCDs. However, with their increased size, they tend to be bulkier.

Interchangeable Lenses

With the advent of the DSLR, you can have a large format sensor with interchangeable lenses. For instance, if you are shooting APS sized sensors, you can achieve a cinematic look with a low-cost camera and lens combination. With this, you can now set up an entire full frame system with multiple lenses, steadycams and auxiliary mics.

On the other hand, you can also benefit from the range of focus of a full frame DSLR. Take note that most prosumer level camcorders have a fairly limited range. Usually, they have a fixed focus lens in the region of 28-300mm equivalent. With DSLR, you can mount a super-wide 14mm or an ultra telephoto 600mm. This enables you to achieve results that a few years ago the biggest studios can only afford.

Convenient and Portable

Obviously, DSLRs are more comfortable to use than any other professional-level video equipment because of their size and portability. This feature is great for shooting documentaries or scenes on the streets or other crowded locations.

Today, DSLR cameras have been widely used in video production. Either you have a message to deliver or a product to launch, it can be a great tool to create a professional-looking video. However, if you want assistance from skilled individuals in the field of video production, you can look for the best video production company in your area. They have the skills and the right equipment to come up with an appealing video. With their technology and know-how in video production, you can have a professional video that will give you a great chance of achieving the required result.

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