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Basic Steps of Movie Making

In order to provide you with less than three hours of entertainment, movie makers toil for years and spend millions. Once completed, a movie could provide enjoyment to millions and it also has the potential to earn millions for its producer. It is interesting to look at how a movie is being made as it is a long process.

Production of a movie is done in a few stages. The first stage is the preparation for the production. The most important two figures in a movie production are the producer and the director. While the producer does the investment the director does the rest of it.

In the first place, a story has to be selected and the screen play has to be written. Once the screen play is ready, the director chooses the actors and actresses who will play the different roles of characters in the film.

Once the actors and actresses are selected, the locations are found. Finally, the sets are made and the shooting could start. While some of the shooting could be done inside a studio, the rest is shot in other locations. Every film has parts filmed in such locations.

There are various people involved in providing different kinds of facilities when the shooting is in progress. The cameramen, providers of lighting, makeup artists, and providers of transport and a host of others are involved when the shooting of the film starts.

Depending on the length of the film and various other factors, the shooting could go on for a period of a few months to a few years. Once the shooting is over, the director is ready with the basic movie on celluloid film.

Editing is the next step. Editing a film is an expert's job to be undertaken by and experienced editor because he has to examine each frame of the film. Once the editing is over, the visual side of the movie is ready. However, the sounds need to be added at a later stage.

Sound recorded in a special studio is added into the film in order to complete the job. Once the final touches are made, the director has to satisfy himself that the movie offers exactly what he wanted.

Once the director and the producer are happy with the film, it has to be duplicated into creating the necessary number of copies according to the requirement. Once this is done, the film could be released to companies that do the screening.

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