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Kino Flo Lights - Why They Are Ideal For Both Film and Interviews

Kino Flo VistaBeam Single, Kino Flo VistaBeam 300, and Kino Flo VistaBeam 600

VistaBeam Single

The Kino Flo VistaBeam Single has a single tube, which can be daylight or tungsten. It has a remote ballast which is completely switchable from high output to standard output. It is a very simple, easy instrument to use, and can be set up either vertically or you can twist it into a horizontal position, or you can even use it as a handheld light, which comes in very handy during moving shots in narrow locations.

It has foldable barn doors which fold in for storage and shipping and expand out to provide yet another way to control the diffusion. The louver, which can be detached, plays the same role of controlling the beam from the instrument into a very narrow, manageable soft light.

VistaBeam 300

The Kino Flo Vista Beam 300 has three very high output fluorescent lamps, which can be either daylight or tungsten. It comes with a honey comb louver kit to control the wide beam stream of the instrument, and also, in the back, the light is switchable and DMX controllable - with a single switch you can bring it down to one, two, or three lamps. It is a very narrow profile.

This light is mostly used and hung in a studio for film or television purposes. The configuration can spin either vertically or horizontally, but most times it is used in the horizontal position. It is a very high output and a very intense studio instrument which has a tremendous amount of applications for filming in television.

VistaBeam 600

The Kino Flo VistaBeam 600 is one of the biggest Kino Flo lights available in the market. It has six very high output lamps. It has a tremendous amount of output and is very narrow profile. It is controllable by both switches and DMX, making it possible to turn on the lamps one by one or all together. You can vary the output depending on what you need for the job that you are on.

It is used mostly for large television productions, and delivers approximately what we can compare as a 4,000 Softlight, only using 9 Amps of total power.

Like the VistaBeam 300, it includes a Honeycomb Louver and a gel frame, to regulate and manage the beam width. This light is perfect for illuminating both interior and exterior sets with a great daylight quality.

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