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Basic Camera Accessories for Aspiring Film-Makers

When you have pretty much refined your photographic skills and you further want to equip your artistic arsenal, you should think about exploring your camera's filming capability. When you do, you will realise how those two are quite different from one another.

Now, when you plan to explore the said field, enrol for filming courses as well as invest in the appropriate accessories like DSLR rigs-add-ons that can help you make quality video outputs.

Speaking of which, here are some essentials that you should invest in on your way to become a professional film-maker:


When you are filming, the last thing you would want to see is your device shutting down because it is out of juice. So, it makes perfect sense to bring along an extra battery considering that filming eats up more power compared to shooting photos. Once you begin looking for such a component, remember that a single battery can get you as much as an hour and a half worth of power.


To get the best possible videos from your photographic equipment, it certainly pays to invest in these camera accessories. In most cases, using special kind of lenses allow you to shoot clearer and cleaner videos. Aside from allowing you to capture crisp outputs, there are other specialised lenses that are designed to let you play around with your framing

Audio devices

Although most branded cameras come with their own built-in microphones, these are not going to be of much help once you start filming in open spaces where sound can freely come and go. For this reason, you have to think about investing in an external audio recorder along with other essential recording spare parts to capture cleaner sounds during filming. In addition, buy software packages that allow you to simplify the process of syncing your recorded video and sound

Stabilising tools

A steady hand for taking pictures may help you get a clear video (at first) but it is no guarantee that you will not end up with any unnecessary shudders and shakes in the final video output. Hence, instead of eating too much space in your memory cards by filling it with output that looks like they were done by amateurs, make your final product look more presentable by using tripods and other kits.

Ultimately, these tools will be the basics you will need to create quality videos using your DSLR camera.

Camera Accessories

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